When standards are high, choices are few!

5 Star hotel in Golem

Innovative and eager to succeed, the standards set by this hotel are ideal for 5 stars.

Everything in the room is made by Gjergji h Tekstil.

White 100% cotton satin envelope sheet with thick line – 5 stars standard.

Sleeping pillow with nanotech filling and satin cover, in different sizes – 5-stars standard

Decorative pillow with nanotek filling, with different sizes, velvet and linen material – 5 stars standard

Raner velvet blue with filling 100gr cotton – 5 stars standard 

100% double layer blackout curtains, one side linen and one side blackout – 5 stars standard

Fine white flame retardant linen tulle – 5 stars standard

Fully furnished

Gjergji H Tekstil furnishes your hotel from A to Z with the soft material. Sheets, sleeping pillows, quilts, decorative pillows, upholstery, carpets, rugs, curtains, blackout, tulle, towels, linens and the range goes on...

5 star standart

Our high standard and our very competitive price have made us the first and only choice of hotels with the highest standards in Albania and abroad.

The Customer is always no.1

The professionalism gained from more than 25 years of experience makes everything easier for us with our customers, knowing what we offer and how we can help you best.